Educational Evaluations

Educational evaluations provided by T3 Educational Services are focused on language-based learning disabilities that impact a student's reading or writing skill development (dyslexia, specific disability in reading comprehension, dysgraphia, and/or written expression).

Most evaluations range in length from 2 - 4 hours and may be completed in one or two separate appointments.


Prior to completing an evaluation, a consultation with the student's parents will need to be completed. This can occur either by phone or in person. Additionally, information related to the student's medical and educational history will need to be provided as this information is an integral aspect of the evaluation. If an evaluation has been previously completed, a copy of the results will also be requested.


Fee: $975 

Structured Literacy Therapy - In clinic

Literacy therapy, using an Orton-Gillingham based program*, will be designed for the specific area(s) of difficulty indicated by the student's profile of strengths and weaknesses. The number of therapy sessions recommended per week may vary based on the type and/or severity of the student's learning difficulty.

*Programs include: Neuhaus Reading Readiness, Basic Language Skills, Scientific Spelling, Multisensory Grammar, Developing Metacogntive Skills;  Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars and LiPS. 

Fee: $40/hour 

Lexercise - Online Structured Literacy Therapy

Lexercise is an online structured literacy program (i.e., Orton-Gillingham based).  Professional therapy provides one-on-one weekly lessons followed by daily practice through games and other activities that are customized to target your child's unique needs.  Click on the image for additional information or the button below for a free consultation.

Professional Development Training and/or Consultation *

If you would be interested in professional development training, please contact Brenda directly (email, phone, or by completing the online contact form). 

Topics in which Brenda has provided professional development include:

  • Use of Early Reading Screening to Identify Students at Risk for Dyslexia

  • Understanding Dyslexia

  • Assessment for Dyslexia

  • Handwriting, Response to Intervention, and Dysgraphia

  • Dysgraphia is More Than Messy Handwriting

  • Dysgraphia Assessment

  • Research-based Reading Evaluation

* Please contact for fee.

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